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Paul L. Foster School of Medicine Receives Accreditation

BaldwinPresident John C. Baldwin, M.D., has received news that the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Paul L. Foster School of Medicine has been approved as a four-year medical school within the Texas Tech University System .

Baldwin said, "This is a watershed event -- a great milestone in the history of El Paso and the Texas Tech University System. For nearly four decades, our El Paso campus has been a cornerstone in our medical education system. Now, the efforts of countless thousands of citizens and community leaders of El Paso, philanthropists - large and small, public servants, the staff of Texas Tech and Thomason, and the current students have been appropriately recognized. After more than 10 years of visionary planning and hard work, they have achieved what they deserve - a full-fledged four year medical school. It is a time for celebration and re-dedication to our mission of teaching, top-tier research, and patient care," Baldwin added.

The accreditation is from the Liaison Committee on Medical Education, (LCME). The LCME awards initial, provisional accreditation to qualified new programs, effective for a designated first-year class.The Paul L. Foster School of Medicine is now authorized to enter into agreement with the Texas Association of Advisors to the Health Professions, to begin accepting applications for the first class of students to be seated in August of 2009.

Founding Dean Jose Manuel de la Rosa said, "Thank you to the LCME, to Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and System, to the Texas Legislature and its leadership, to our faculty, who have worked tirelessly in this long journey, and to all the people of El Paso."

The school is in partnership with Thomason Hospital, El Paso District. Over the next several years, the school will grow to accept some 80 students per year.