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School of Medicine Mission Statement

The mission of the School of Medicine is consistent with that of the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. This mission is to provide the highest quality medical education, research, patient care, and community service to the citizens of West Texas through its component academic and administrative center in Lubbock and three Regional Academic Health Centers in Amarillo, El Paso and Odessa.

Medical education is provided at all levels including undergraduate medical education (M.D.), postgraduate residency and fellowship training, and continuing medical education to meet the needs of future physicians and established practitioners. Undergraduate education (M.D.) meets the requirements of the appropriate accrediting agencies and includes clinical experiences in the various locations of the institution. Postgraduate education is provided through residency training programs that are compatible with the needs and resources of the individual regional center. Continuing medical education, at all academic sites, provides informational and professional support of community and rural physicians.

Patient care of the highest quality is provided to the citizens of West Texas in the ambulatory care facilities and the affiliated hospitals of the medical school. The component health centers provide sharing of expertise and technology for effective and appropriate health care delivery.

Graduate degree programs (M.S., M.B.A., and Ph.D.) in basic and applied medical sciences, and postgraduate research training programs are provided to prepare future medical school faculty, biomedical scientists, and health care administrators.

The research activities of the medical school serve to advance the scientific understanding of medicine and to forward the progress of health care delivery. Strong research activities enable the institution to enhance its academic and clinical programs.

These elements of the mission serve to provide a comprehensive system for the provision of health care to West Texas, especially in rural, border or other under served areas, in the present and future.