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Policy and Procedures

El Paso School of Medicine Goals

  1. The School of Medicine will have as its primary goal the education of compassionate and scientifically competent physicians who are stimulated to continue the educational process throughout their professional lives. Undergraduate, graduate, and continuing medical education programs will be established, maintained as fully accredited programs, and distributed to meet the health manpower and educational needs of West Texas.
  2. The physicians thus educated will be encouraged to seek careers with an appropriate emphasis on primary patient care and to locate their practices in the State of Texas, particularly in the rural and urban areas served by the School.
  3. Biomedical research and graduate studies will be encouraged and supported in order to provide the necessary creative environment for quality medical education.
  4. The School will continue to develop tertiary care programs which are also essential to the provision of quality medical education and which provide additional resources for the care of individuals residing in the regions served by the School.
  5. The patient care provided by each of the Centers will include that necessary for the support of the educational mission of the School and will also address the particular clinical needs of the regions served.
  6. The School of Medicine and each of its Centers will extend the patient care-centered educational mission to serve the regional populations, communities, and health professionals.
  7. The School of Medicine will collaborate in an interdisciplinary manner with the School of Nursing, Allied Health, and appropriate disciplines within the Texas Tech University to provide educational opportunities and to prepare health professionals to meet regional need.
  8. The School of Medicine will achieve effective program development through strategic planning and evaluation of mission specific programs, throught the efficient use of current resources, and through identification and generation of further resources required to achieve institutional goals.
  9. The School of Medicine will develop an effective, regionally unified administrative system and outcome-oriented management process that will encourage and nurture the faculty, staff, students, and the operational units of the School for the accomplishment of the mission.
  10. The School of Medicine will establish a direct means of communicating with the citizens of West Texas, and with local, state and federal governments to present the outcomes, strengths, weaknesses and needs of its programs; and to involve them as stake holders for program planning, prioritization, conduct, and resource identification.