Member List

Institutional Biosafety Committee

Effective June 1, 2018

Member Name (Last, First MI) Gender M / F Highest Degree Primary Scientific or Nonscientific Specialty Affiliated with TTUHSC El Paso Comments
IBC Chair:
Lakshmanaswamy, Rajkumar 
M Ph.D. Cancer Y  
IBC Vice Chair: Shanks, Calvin  M M.A. Safety Services Y  
Baird, Anthony M D.Sc. Public Health N Memorial Medical Center, Las Cruces, N.M.
Dhandayuthapani, Subramanian  M Ph.D. Infectious Disease Y  
Dou, Huanyu F M.D. Infectious Disease Y  
Gadad, Shrikanth M Ph.D. Cancer Y  
Flores, Ivan M B.S. Safety Services N El Paso Community College
Lomeli, Jacqueline F B.S. Safety Services Y  
Zeng, Mingtao M Ph.D. Infectious Disease Y  
IBC Staff          
Ortiz, Amanda Coordinator    

To download a copy of the IBC Roster, please click here