The following is a list of trainings on PowerPoint slides that were provided in person.

PowerPoint Presentation Slides
Basics of Informed Consent Parts I
Basics of Informed Consent Parts II
Research Misconduct and EthicsPoint
Typical Informed Consent Mistakes and How to Address Them Part I
Typical Informed Consent Mistakes and How to Address Them Part II
Study Errors Noted During Audits and How to Correct Them
Training requirements for PIs and Research Staff
Basic iRIS Features and Submissions
What are SAEs and AEs and How Should We Report Them
Basics of Advertisements and Subject Recruitment
Building a Regulatory Binder
Creating CRFs
Budget Preparation Training
Facilitate Contract and Budget Negotiations
Study Close-out Activities
Basics of

The following are online trainings that can be taken upon request on ACME. These trainings will require you to pass an exam with a grade of 80% or above, where you will be given 3 attempts to achieve that score. Each participant will be given 30 days to complete the trainings and the exam. A certificate will be provided by the system upon successful completion of the training and exam. Certificates should be retained as proof that the training was completed. For more information, or to request to receive an ACME training, email


Online Informed Consent Training

Research Misconduct

Preparing for External Audits (FDA, NIH, Sponsor)

Data Management

If you have any ideas for trainings that you would like to see, please feel free to email with your comments.