Awarded Grants

FY 2017 Mini-Seed Grant

Grant Recipient Department Amount of Grant Title of Project
Stephen Borron Department of Emergency Medicine $5,000 Role of Rotational Thromboelastometry (ROTEM) as a Diagnosis and Prognostic Tool in the Assessment of Coagulopathy After Rattlesnake Bite: A Pilot Study
Munmun Chattopadhyay Department of Biomedical Sciences $5,500 A Mesenchymal Stem Cell Based Tissue Engineered Patch to Restore Normal Gastric Histology in Diabetic Gastroparetic Mouse Stomach – A Feasibility Study
Irene Sarosiek Department of Internal Medicine $2,300 Endocannabinoid-related lipids in gastroparesis: A case-control study
Michael Schaffer Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology $4,500 Compare the Q-cup With Other Umbilical Cord Blood Collection Techniques: A Feasibility Study

2016 Seed Grant

Grant recipient


Amount of Grant

Title of Project

Anjali Joshi

Department of Biomedical Sciences


Development of Virus-like Particle Vaccine and Neutralization Assay for Zika Virus

Ruth Perez

Department of Biomedical Sciences


Screening Gut Microbiota for Synucleinopathy Biomarkers

Haoquan Wu

Department of Biomedical Sciences


CRISPR-based Genome-wide Screen to Identify Host Factors for EV71 Virus

Mingtao Zeng

Department of Biomedical Sciences


Development of a Vaccine against Zika Virus Infection

Stormy Monks

Department of Emergency Medicine


Stress and Coping among Residents in a Simulation Setting

Devaraj Sambalingam

Department of Pediatrics


Lutein as a Neuroprotective Agent in Hypoxia-ischemia of Newborn