EM Journal Club

Welcome to the Emergency Medicine Journal Club.

Subject Topic Year Month
  1. Antibiotics after ROSC
  2. Cath Lab or Not for LBBB
2014 August
  1. PCI vs Thrombolysis
  2. Cardiac Resychronization (CHF)
2014 September
Diagnostic Imaging
  1. Use of CBD in Dx of Biliary Pathology
  2. ULS vs CT for Kidney Stones
2014 October
Critical Care
  1. Less Frequent Epinephrine for Cardiac Arrest
  2. Intra-Arrest PCI for Patients on ECMO
2014 November
Critical Care
  1. Beta Blocker in Sepsis
  2. Sedation in Ventilated Patients
2014 December
  1. EM Eval of Psych Patients
  2. Hemorrhage Tx & Thromboelastograms
2015 January
  1. MR CLEAN- Endovascular Tx for Ischemic CVA
  2. A review of the NINDS trial
2015 February
Psychosocial/Ethical/MD Wellness
  1. Ethical Framework for Management of Pain in the ED
2015 March
Infectious Disease
  1. Steroids in Community Acquired Pneumonia
  2. Add Subtopic Title Here
2015 April
  1. Medication and falls in elderly outpatients
  2. Emergency Department Patients With Atrial Fibrillation or Flutter and an Acute Underlying Medical Illness May Not Benefit From Attempts to Control Rate
2015 May
No Journal Club
  1. No Journal Club
2015 June
Procedural Skills and Resident Wellness
  1. Resident Physician Wellness
  2. Who Is Sicker: Patients—or Residents?
  3. How's Work?
  4. Does End Tidal CO2 Monitoring During Emergency Department Procedural Sedation and Analgesia With Propofol Decrease the Incidence of Hypoxic Events?
2015 July
Airway Management
  1. Delayed sequence intubation
  2.  Techniques, success, and adverse events of emergency department adult intubations
2015 August
  1. Rapid Ketamine Administration for Forearm Reduction
  2. Identifying Low Risk Blunt Abdominal Trauma in Children
2015 September
  1. Randomized Trial of Antibiotics in Uncomplicated Diverticulitis
  2. Antibiotic Therapy vs Appendectom for Acute Appendicitis
2015 October