Frequently Asked Questions

Emergency medicine is a sought after residency and TTUHSC El Paso has a respected program. Although very competitive, there is always a place for qualified candidates.

Every shift in the ER is 12 hours.

EM-1s do a total of 5 months in the ED

  • 5 shifts (Orientation month) - 1 month
  • 15 shifts (ER) - 3 months
  • 19 shifts (ER) - 1 month

EM-2s do a total of 9 months in the ED

  • 16 shifts (ER) - 7 months
  • 16 shifts (Pediatric ER) - 1 month
  • 18 shifts (ER) - 1 month

EM-3s do a total of 11 months in the ED

  • 12 shifts (Administrative Month) - 1 month
  • 15 shifts (ER) - 8 months
  • 15 shifts (Pediatric ER) - 1 month
  • 17 shifts - 1 month

Many programs do not match residents with prior training because of limitations in Medicare funding. TTUSHC El Paso feels that for many individuals prior training is a distinct advantage. We recruit individuals with prior training and are eager to have them apply for residency.

At we have a policy against external moonlighting. Currently the department does offer some additional education opportunities for residents that have proven competency on the ABEM in-service examination and have prior approval from the program director. These shifts are within the department and are limited to the same duty hour regulations.

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