The first institutional faculty development course (IFDC) was developed and implemented by Hoi Ho, M.D., Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development, in March 2003. The purpose of this comprehensive program is to provide faculty development for the entire institution upon which each department or academic unit can build a program that is specific to its particular needs. The IFDC is designed to help junior and mid-level faculty members enhance their teaching and research skills, develop their professional careers, and achieve academic accomplishments. All new junior and mid-level faculty members are encouraged to attend the course within the first year of their appointment. This comprehensive course
consisting of forty 2-4 hours weekly sessions provides excellent opportunities for the faculty to acquire and expand their skills as educators and scholars.
Since the inception of our faculty development program, the Office of Faculty Development has obtained institutional funding to provide IFDCs at no cost to the faculty members (maximum 20 faculty members per course). Department chairs demonstrate their support by providing faculty the release/administrative time necessary to participate in IFDC learning activities.
The Office of Faculty Development and the Office of Continuing Medical Education (CME) coordinate the training sessions for enhancing the faculty teaching and assessmen
t skills. Several award winning educators, education specialists of the PLFSOM and speakers from regional academic institutions give presentations at the FDC and/or CME grand rounds.

Organizational Chart of the Office of Faculty Development 

organization chart