Curriculum of Faculty Development Course XIV

Date Topic Presenter Files Additional Resources
08/22/2012 Welcome, Course Overview and House Keeping Hoi Ho, M.D.  
How to Use SharePoint in Faculty Development Course J. Hector Aranda    
08/29/2012 Workshop: Accessing Library and Information Resources Librarians  
09/05/2012 Workshop: Adult Learning and Effective Teaching, Parts I and II Hoi Ho, M.D.  
09/12/2012 How to Improve Your Oral Presentation? Parts I and II Hoi Ho, M.D.  
09/19/2012 Curriculum of PLFSOM Tanis Hogg, Ph.D.  
  Seamless Integration of YR1-2 Curriculum into YR 3-4 Sanja Kupesic, M.D.  
09/26/2012 How to Prepare a Good Lecture? Parts I and II Hoi Ho, M.D.  
10/03/2012 How to Prepare a Good Lecture? Parts III and IV Hoi Ho, M.D.  
10/10/2012 Introduction to the Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation Software J. Hector Aranda  
11/07/2012 Workshop: Basics of Audience Interactive Response System (AIRS) J. Hector Aranda  
11/14/2012 Workshop on Asking and Writing Questions that Measure Student Learning; Parts I and II Naomi Lacy, Ph.D.  
11/21/2012 EBM I: A Challenge to the Teachers and Learners Hoi Ho, M.D.  
11/28/2012 Workshop: Why We Couldn't Evaluate Effectively our Trainees and How to Fix? Hoi Ho, M.D.  
12/05/2012 What is Professionalism and How Can We Measure it? Herb Janssen, Ph.D.  
01/09/2013 Workshop on "Cloud" Storage Hoi Ho, M.D.  
  Cyber Security: How to Avoid Computer Viruses J. Hector Aranda  
01/16/2013 Introduction to Mobile Computing Platform (MCP) Hoi Ho, M.D.  
  Advanced Training on Mobile Computing Platform (MCP)    
01/23/2013 Workshop: MCP in Medical Education and Practice of Medicine Parts I and II Hoi Ho, M.D.  
01/30/2013 Workshop: Advance Audience Interactive Response System (AIRS) & Using Smart Board Hoi Ho, M.D., J. Hector Aranda

02/06/2013 Workshop: Use Simple Technology to Enhance Your Teaching Effectiveness J. Hector Aranda
Workshop on Camtasia Elmus Beale, Ph.D.  
  Workshop on Podcasting Hoi Ho, M.D.  
02/20/2013 Workshop: How to Organize and Conduct an EBM format Journal Club Hoi Ho, M.D.  
02/26/2013 Workshop on Cardiovascular Examination Skills Omosalewa Lalude, M.D.  
  Research Opportunities and Available Resources for Faculty at TTUHSC El Paso Charles Miller, Ph.D.  
03/20/2013 Workshop on Echocardiogram, 4-Hr (GE VScan) Aamer Abbas, M.D.  
03/26/2013 How to Report Statistics in Medicine Hoi Ho, M.D.  
  How to Write a Scientific Paper Paul Casner, M.D.  
04/02/2013 How to Develop a Clinical Research Study Patrick Tarwate, Ph.D.  
  Can a Busy Clinician Accomplish Scholarly Activities? Miguel Pirela-Cruz, M.D.  
04/10/2013 Workshop on GI Procedures (Flex Sig, EGD, NG, Insertion, Paracentesis) Lorenzo Aragon, M.D., Marc Zuckerman, M.D.

04/16/2013 Departmental Faculty Development and Scholarship Sanja Kupesic, M.D.  
  Ethical Issues in Clinical Research and Good Clinical Practices Paul Casner, M.D.  
  Roles and Functions of the IRB Paul Casner, M.D.  
04/30/2013 Patient-Centered Outcome Research N. Shokar, M.D.  
  Opportunities and Challenges of Translating Evidence into Practice Hoi Ho, M.D.  
05/07/2013 Why Do We Need International Health Research? Gilbert Handal, M.D.  
05/28/2013 Faculty Mentoring: Principles of Effective Mentoring H. Janssen, Ph.D., Janet Piskurich, Ph.D.,  
  Faculty Mentoring: Responsibility and Accountability Sanja Kupesic, M.D.  
06/04/2013 Essential Principles for an Effective Chair of Committee at the Institution Hoi Ho, M.D.  
  Robert's Rules Gilbert Handal, M.D.  
06/11/2013 Principles of Negotiation and Conflict Resolution D.Briones, H.Janssen, R.Salcido, F.Gonzales  
06/18/2013 How to Accomplish with People-First Practices Sanja Kupesic, M.D.  
06/19/2013 Workshop on Interpretation of Pulmonary Function Test Juan Figueroa, M.D.  
06/25/2013 Seven Habits of Highly Effective People Hoi Ho, M.D.    
06/26/2013 Workshop on Interpretation of Chest Radiograph Naomi Brunner, M.D.  
07/03/2013 Workshop on CT-Scan of the Chest Naomi Brunner, M.D.    
07/09/2013 The Leader and Laws of Teamwork Hoi Ho, M.D.    
07/16/2013 Developing Influences in the Organization Curt Pfarr, PhD, Sanja Kupesic, M.D., Hoi Ho, M.D.

07/17/2013 Workshop on Airway Management Anthony Han, M.D.  
07/23/2013 Diversity and Leadership Project Angel Morales, M.D., Hoi Ho, M.D.    
07/31/2013 Presentation of Leadership Project Hoi Ho, M.D.    
08/07/2013 Effective Succession Planning: The Key for Organization Future Hoi Ho, M.D.    
08/14/2013 Graduation Hoi Ho, M.D.