Associate Academic Dean for Student Affairs

Kathryn Horn, M.D. portrait picture

Kathryn Horn, M.D.

Associate Academic Dean for Student Affairs


Among the goals of the Paul L. Foster School of Medicine is the provision of a medical education that is consistent with modern scientific principles, supportive of strong ethical principles, sensitive to the needs of the community, and a commitment to excellence.

TTUHSC El Paso's educational program is an integrated curriculum that is permeated with clinical presentations assigned to organ-system based courses. Clinical presentations are the ways in which a patient presents to a physician. Students will learn anatomy, biochemistry, physiology and other basic science concepts and content needed to understand specific clinical presentations at the time that the presentation is being addressed. This approach enhances knowledge comprehension and has been shown to improve retention of the basic sciences and to promote the acquisition of diagnostic reasoning skills that are more like those of the expert practicing physician. Because of our geographic location, during the clinical science years students will participate in a unique and rich variety of clinical patient-care learning experiences that include not only traditional medicine, but also international, bi-national, bicultural, and border health medicine.