Student Organizations/Officers

AMSA – American Medical Student Association – Ivan Ramirez, MS3

AIG – Anesthesiology Interest Group – Vincent Esparza, MS3

ASG – Astronomy Student Group – TBD

AWS – Association of Women Surgeons – Megan Parmer, MS4; Hailey Budnick, MS3

CSC – Cancer Society Club – Dana Galvan, MS3

CMA – Catholic Medical Association – TBD

CMDA - Christian Medical and Dental Association – Daniel Joh, MS2

CSUB – Cardiology Subspecialty Student Group – Nathaniel Rider, MS2

D – Dermatology – Michael Jennings, MS4

DISH – Diversity In Science And Healthcare – TBD

ENT – Ear, Nose and Throat Group – Clark Anderson, MS2

EMIG – Emergency Medicine Interest Group – Jeff Scott, MS2

FMSIG – Family Medicine Student Interest Group – Stacy Nguy, MS3; Aura Lamas, MS3

– Geriatrics – Christian Draper, MS3

GBHS – Global and Border Health Society – Jonathan Corpuz, MS3

IASO – Interprofessional Ambassadors Student Organization – TBD

IMIG – Internal Medicine Interest Group – Rob Solis, MS2

LMSA – Latino Medical Student Association – Ricardo Gamez, MS2

MEHS – Medical Ethics and Humanities Society – Philip Paul, MS4

MMSA – Military Medical Student Association – Jacob Krimbill, MS3

MSSA – Medical Student Soccer Association – Terry Robbins, MS3

NSIG – Neurosurgery Interest Group –  Hailey Budnick, MS3; Chase Foster, MS3

OB-GYN – Obstetrics and Gynecology – Courtney Vance, MS2

OSIG – Ophthalmology Student Interest Group – Scott Woolf, MS4

ORTHO – Orthopedics Interest Study Group – Nathaniel Rawicki, MS4; Zander Hutchinson, MS4

PC – Psychiatry Club – Brittany Montgomery, MS2

PHIG – Public Health Interest Group – Sumana Reddy, MS2

PIG – Pathology Interest Group – Stephen Cheney, MS3

PSG – Preventative Student Group – Gulnara Matorella, MS4

PSIG – Plastic Surgery Interest Group – Sabino Lara, MS3; Eric Tatro, MS1

PSO – Pediatrics Student Organization – Emily Moody, MS4; Ymaliz Ramirez, MS4

RIG – Radiology Interest Group – Matthew Kluckman, MS4

SEEDS – Seeds of Change – Brandy Mills, MS2

SIG – Surgery Interest Group – Dennis (DJ) Vanden, MS2

SIGN – Student Interest Group in Neurology – Jane Lee, MS3

SJC – Student Journal Club – Zameer Abedin, MS4

TMA – Texas Medical Association – Arezo Nasrazadani, MS3

UIG – Urology Interest Group – Alexander Mackay, MS3

WMSSIG – Wilderness Medicine Society Student Interest Group – Jeff Stagg, MS2

WIM – Women in Medicine – Hailey Budnick, MS3

Other Student Organizations

AMA – Rota Care Clinic – Micah Ellowitz, MS2

Baptist Clinic – Carla Moreno, MS2

GaSCA – Gay Straight Campus Alliance – Nawazish Palejwala, MS2; Alex Palmer, MS2; Erika Zerda, MS2

Student Run Clinic – Kelcy Steffen, MS2

GHHS – Gold Humanism Honor Society – TBD