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A Baby Cafe breastfeeding drop-in center is a place of excellence that attracts mothers of all ages and from all sectors of the community. It does this by providing breastfeeding help and support, from both skilled health professionals and other mothers, in a friendly, non-clinical, cafe style environment. The original Baby Cafe was opened in London, England, in the year 2000. Today there are 136 Baby Cafes world-wide, with just two in the United States.

The goals of the organization are:

  • To promote the physical and psychological health of mothers and children through education and training regarding breastfeeding.
  • To advance the general public's knowledge of the health benefits, immediate and long term, of breastfeeding.
  • To continue education among volunteers supporting breastfeeding mothers.

Please see the website, for us under "international" Baby Cafes).

In our effort to meet the goals and realize the high standards of The Baby Cafe, U.K., we have sought partners and sponsors. As of November, 2008, the TTUHSC Gayle Greve Hunt School of Nursing Baby Cafe has found underwriting sponsors in the Paso del Norte Health Foundation, Begin at Birth Initiative and the Texas Department of State Health Services - Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity Prevention Program. We have also received support in the forms of donations, in-kind contributions and promotion.

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Every breastfeeding mother deserves free, top quality help and support.

415 E. Yandell
El Paso, TX 79902

A baby cafe is where breastfeeding mothers can meet up in a relaxed way and get some support too.

For more information call: (915) 215-6455