School of Medicine Financial Aid

Financing your medical education can be quite costly. Utilizing financial aid can help fund your medical education.

Know the cost of attendance for your four years of medical school:


Resident First Year
Second Year MSII
Third Year MSIII
Fourth Year MSIV
Tuition 15,186 15,186 15,186 15,186
Fees* 3,192 3,192 3,192 3,192
Bks/Supp'ls ** 400 400 400 400
Housing/Food 16,500 13,500 18,000 16,500
Transportation 5,500 4,500 6,000 5,500
Personal/Misc 9,812 8,028 10,704 9,812
Other -USMLE n/a 520 520 2000
Other - Externships n/a     3000
Estimated Total Budget $50,590.00 $45,326.00 $54,002.00 $55,590.00


Tuition 28,286 28,286 28,286 28,286
Fees, bks/supp'ls, etc. 35,404 30,140 38,816 40,404
from above        
Estimated Total Budget $63,690.00 $58,426.00 $67,102.00 $68,690.00


Financial Aid Timeline

October of Current Academic Year

  • FAFSA available for the new academic year. Entering or returning students must have username and password ready when completing the FAFSA. Use TTUHSC school code 016024.


  • Information from your FAFSA will be uploaded into our TTUHSC Financial System during March which will allow us to evaluate your financial need.
  • Submit additional documentation being requested by the Office of Financial Aid.
  • Indicate your enrollment status on WebRaider.


  • Expect “Award Notification” by early April.
  • Accept financial aid award offered to you on WebRaider. (Refer to Financial Aid & Payment Fact Sheet for instructions.)
  • First time Direct Loan borrowers will complete an online entrance counseling and sign a Master Promissory Note at gov.
  • Returning students will complete the online entrance counseling at gov every academic year.






Important: Check your WebRaider to receive any updates on your financial aid status.

Make a Budget

Using the cost of attendance from Texas Tech University Health Science Center El Paso as a budget can give you a rough estimate of the maximum you can safely spend on living expenses for the upcoming year. Budgeting with your financial aid as opposed to a typical work income is a unique situation. By budgeting with the cost of attendance, it will give you an idea on how much financial aid you will need for the year.

Remember, financial aid is disbursed in two increments throughout the academic aid year.

Loan periods vary as well throughout the four years of medical school. Therefore, budgeting plays an important part in saving financial aid money for a whole 12 months. Saving money for after graduation is another great budgeting tip. You might not receive your pay from your residency right away.

Use the monthly budget worksheet to help you get a bigger picture of what you are spending.

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