Recycling Reminder

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Attention all campus personnel:

Please remember that all cardboard boxes must be broken down and collapsed before they are put out for collection. Boxes can be left in your individual departments behind one of the blue recycling containers for collection by the evening custodial crew, or they can be taken outside to one of the large wire-cage gondolas behind the Texas Tech Physicians of El Paso building, or on the east side of the Medical Education Building (MEB) and Medical Sciences Building (MSB). This is a very important step in the campus recycling process and we ask that you please take time to do this so that our recycling program can continue to be successful. 

We would also ask that all used batteries have the ends taped over with scotch tape before being taken to one of our battery collection sites. The used batteries should be delivered to the library in the Academic Education Center and left with Lauren Hupp, or taken to the MEB mailroom and left with one of the staff members there. The batteries are shipped out for recycling in large boxes but they must be taped over on the end posts; otherwise, the batteries could cause a spark resulting in a fire or explosion during shipping. 

If we all do our part, our planet will be greener and will be a better place for us all. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please direct any questions to Cathy Olivas at 915-215-4437 or Facilities Operations and Maintenance at 915-215-4500.