Traffic and Parking Reminders

Unregistered Vehicle or Rental on Campus
Employees bringing a vehicle (other than the one registered) on campus need to stop by the Parking and Transportation Services office to obtain a temporary parking permit for that vehicle. The following information will need to be provided for the permit: make, model, color and plate number. The employee will need to park in their designated area and may not park in the patient lot or any visitor parking space.

Departments that will have visitors or that are using an outside contractor need to request dashboard passes and provide the visitor’s name or company name, location and date and time frame the visitor or contractor will be on campus.

Appointments or Use of Loading/Unloading Space
Parking and Transportation Services must be notified when using the patient lot for an appointment or if you need to load or unload items from your vehicle by campus buildings.

Two Registered Vehicles on Campus
Parking and Transportation Services must receive notification if a faculty or staff member will have both registered vehicles on campus and if the alternative vehicle operator is:
1. A registered faculty or staff member; if so, the operator will need to park in their designated area.
2. Not a registered faculty or staff member; a fee of $1/day will be paid for a temporary parking permit and the vehicle will need to be parked in the overflow parking lot.
These circumstances will only be permitted as an exception but not allowed on a daily basis.

Citation Appeals
Citation appeals must be submitted online by emailing within 10 business days of the alleged violation. After a period 10 days from the date of issuance of the citation or from the date of final determination of an appealed citation, citations not resolved will be considered overdue.

Moving Vehicle Closer to Campus
Employees may move their vehicles closer to campus after 4 p.m.