Make a Difference in Our Students' Future

Every year, thousands of incoming medical students mark the beginning of their professional careers during their white coat ceremonies. Since 1993, this symbolic event has been held at medical schools across the country to welcome new medical students into the profession of medicine by formally robing them in white lab coats -- the most iconic symbol of professionalism in medicine.

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso recognizes its responsibility of providing an excellent level of education and professionalism to all students entering the Paul L. Foster School of Medicine. A student's journey begins when he or she dons the white lab coat for the first time, but it doesn't end there; a physician's commitment to learning is lifelong, and continues into his or her residency and future career as a practioner.

Today, we ask that you consider sponsoring a white coat.

Your support can change the face and the future of health care. Your gift will go toward the purchase of a white coat for a deserving student and, in the front pocket of every white coat you help purchase, that student will find a special card with your name on it letting them know that they have your full support as they make this momentous commitment to caring for others.

Be a part of the journey: Sponsor a white coat today.

Together, we can help unfold the future of medicine. 

Learn more about the the 2017 White Coat Ceremony and its importance to medical students here.