MSB II Construction Update – Feb. 26

The Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso campus is abuzz with construction as crews work to erect the new Medical Sciences Building (MSB) II.

Once complete, the MSB II will triple the university’s research capacity, adding much-needed square footage for laboratory space, classrooms and offices. With the five-story, 219,900-square-foot building scheduled for completion next year, here’s a peek at the crews’ progress as they bring the building to life, day by day.

Area A (south side of building)

Framework for the fourth floor continues.

0226 Area A 1

0226 Area A 2

0226 Area A 3

Framework is removed from stairwell B.

0226 Area A 4

0226 Area A5

0226 Area A6

Area B (north side of building)

Column reinforcement continues on the third floor.

0226 Area B 1

Columns are prepped for pouring.

0226 Area B 2

Rebaring (fabricating and placing steel reinforcement bars for concrete) continues on stairwell C.

0226 Area B 3

0226 Area b 4

Backfilling, or dirt filling, of the storm drain is complete.

0226 Area b 5

Area C (building center)

Crews prepare the third-floor deck and columns for concrete pouring.

0226 Area C 1

0226 Area c 2

0226 Area C 3

0226 Area C 4

0226 Area C 5