Red Raiders Kick Off Monthlong Walking Challenge

Walking challengeOn Sunday, April 1, the Walk the Walk Challenge, a monthlong team walking competition, kicked off in El Paso. Teams participating in the challenge represent organizations throughout the city, including Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso (TTUHSC El Paso).

The competition encourages healthy lifestyles by incentivizing employees to walk more during the workday. Employees form teams of 10, each represented by a captain who reports their team’s total steps every week. Any organization in the city can join the Walk the Walk Challenge. The 71 teams (660 participants) in this year’s challenge represent a diverse number of employers, including the El Paso Department of Public Health, El Paso Police Department and Sun Metro.

The winning teams get bragging rights and a prize to share among team members. There are three prizes: most overall steps ($1,000 per team); most improved ($1,000 per team); and a lottery draw (six-month membership to EP Fitness). TTUHSC El Paso has taken the challenge one step further by offering eight hours of vacation per team member if a TTUHSC El Paso team wins the challenge.

In an effort to help TTUHSC El Paso teams rack up steps, on April 6, TTUHSC El Paso’s leadership initiated “Friday Morning Walk with the Bosses,” an opportunity for Red Raiders to get to know campus leadership, including TTUHSC El Paso President Richard Lange, M.D., M.B.A., while increasing their teams’ steps.

As of April 8, 258 Red Raiders have signed up to participate. Collectively, the university’s 26 teams have logged 15,869,360 steps.


More about the Walk the Walk Challenge 

The Walk the Walk Challenge is a joint effort between TTUHSC El Paso and the Border Coalition for Fitness, part of an obesity-prevention research program run by TTUHSC El Paso Assistant Professor Jennifer Salinas, Ph.D. The Walk the Walk Challenge is one of the coalition’s main community outreach initiatives and is an example of how TTUHSC El Paso is building partnerships with the community to improve health and wellness for all El Pasoans.

For more information or to join, please email

Photo by Rebecca Salcido.