TTUHSC El Paso Veterinarian Selected as Consultant for International Accrediting Body

Christine Boehm, D.V.M., M.Ed., M.S., institutional veterinarian, has been selected to serve as a consultant for the international animal research accrediting organization AAALAC.boehn_chris

AAALAC advocates for the humane treatment of animals in science by establishing standards for animal research that go beyond what is required by law. As a consultant, Dr. Boehm will evaluate peer animal research facilities at other institutions seeking accreditation or reaccreditation by the AAALAC.

“This is a tremendous recognition of Dr. Boehm’s skills and expertise, and it’s a plus for TTUHSC El Paso,” said Peter Rotwein, M.D., TTUHSC El Paso vice president for research.

Dr. Boehm will begin her work with AAALAC in September 2018 and will serve for a three-year term.