Reminder on Portable Space Heater Safety

As the change of seasons approaches and we begin to experience cooler weather, I wanted to take the opportunity to remind our team of the policy regarding portable space heaters.  

OP 75.16, TTUHSC El Paso Fire and Life Safety Policy reads: “all electric space heater models must be approved by the TTUHSC El Paso Fire Marshal.”

In consultation with the Physical Plant and Facilities teams, the following guidance is provided regarding space heater usage:

Portable heating devices are prohibited. If there are concerns about temperature within your workspace, please submit a work order requesting that the Facilities team evaluate the temperature and make any needed adjustments.  

The older oil filled heaters, shown below, are in use in many spaces. They have an excessive electrical draw; do not have safety shut offs; and their metal housing can heat up significantly, if left on.  They are considered a fire safety risk and shall be removed from service immediately.  

 Reminder on Portable Space Heater Safety


 Message from: Calvin Shanks, Safety Director