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When should I sign Clinical Lists Updates? – FAQ

Please note that signing clinical list changes is not the same as Signing a document.  If you open a document always either Hold Document or Sign Document after you are done reviewing and/or updating. (Also don’t forget to route it if you’re supposed to).

When you sign clinical list changes those changes will become part of the patient’s chart.  You are responsible for Signing clinical list changes if

  1. You are a MA or Nurse and have updated the allergy list or entered historical medications, orders and/or problems.  For example when preloading patient information using the Preload Encounter Type.  Please make sure to update the authorized by field with the corresponding provider when placing orders.
  2. You are a mid-level provider or above and have updated any clinical lists.  If you are not responsible for the clinical list changes in a particular update make sure to change the authorized by field.
  3. You are a resident and have updated any clinical lists.  Please make sure to update the authorized by field with the corresponding faculty when placing orders.

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The difference between Tabs and Buttons � Tip of the Week

Simply put, Tabs (Summary, History, etc…) are for viewing and Buttons (Find Pt., Protocols, etc…) are for doing.

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EMR Announcements

There are currently 2 EMR Announcements:
  1. Pediatric Physicians East is going live December 13th.
  2. Some UMC computers do not have access to Centricity EMR.  If you need assistance to access EMR from UMC please contact the UMC IT Department as we do not have access to those computers.  If you prefer you can provide us with the floor and room number and we will notify UMC IT for you.
  3. For any feedback or requests for this newsletter please e-mail us at

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EMR Known Issues

There is currently 1 EMR Known Issues:
  1. Please verify the legibility of the Lab print requisitions before sending them to UMC.  Their barcode system cannot read the barcode if the requisition is not legible.  If you do not receive the electronic results please notify us.
  2. E-prescribed sends duplicate responses to prescriptions that did not go through. If this happens to you please send us either the patient’s E# and the medication name or a screenshot to .
As always we are working to resolve these issues in a timely fashion and will keep you updated on their status.

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