Community Faculty Appointment Process

  • The Office for Outreach and Community Engagement serves as the initial point of contact for interested physicians/professionals. A current CV is required to initiate the process. Prospective faculty members must have identified a specific service contribution in fulfillment of the school’s mission that aligns with the current needs of the school.
  • The Office of Faculty Affairs sends application packets to providers. Applications for faculty appointments are provided by invitation only, based on specific educational program needs. A completed application is processed and verified, and three peer reference forms are collected as part of the application process. Complete application files and verifications are reviewed by the department chair and the Committee on Faculty Appointments, Promotion, Tenure and Comprehensive Performance Appraisal. A criminal background check through the university’s contracted vendor, HireRight, is required.
  • Appointment requests are reviewed and approved by the dean of the medical school. The Office of Faculty Affairs oversees the faculty appointment process. Once an application has been sent to the provider, candidates will work directly with Faculty Affairs to submit the application and required attachments.

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