Message from the Vice President

Dr. Jose Manuel de la Rosa portrait picture
Jose Manuel de la Rosa, M.D.

Vice President for Outreach and Community Engagement

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso
Professor, Department of Pediatrics

Our office was established in mid-2018 to provide strategic leadership and support for Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso’s outreach and engagement with our community in the Paso del Norte and Border Regions, the State of Texas, our nation, and the world. We promote faculty, staff, and student community engagement by fostering bilaterally beneficial partnerships between members of our new university and the community. Ranging from pairing of community needs with campus expertise, to convening meetings to facilitate relevant communication between our campus family members and external stakeholders, the purpose of our office is to serve as the institutional liaison and central resource for faculty and community partnerships.

We hope to use this convening authority to facilitate the coordination of student service groups, who provide access to care for identified vulnerable populations, to assist in the development of Pathway Programs with local schools to increase local student knowledge and interest in medical fields, expand global and binational health education opportunities for our students and faculty, as well as increase our engagement with the entire Paso del Norte community through identified activities such as Summits, Symposiums, and Service days.

If we can provide any assistance, please feel free to contact our office at 915-215-4299.