Scott Crawford, M.D., FACEP, CHSOS, was named director of simulation for TTUHSC El Paso in November 2018. A program expansion incorporating all simulation activities on campus came under the newly consolidated Training and Educational Center for Healthcare Simulation (TECHS) in February 2019. Assisting Dr. Crawford with the daily operation and delivery of simulation-based education at TECHS are J. Hector Aranda (Associate Director of Technical Operations), Eduardo Luevano (Associate Director of Administration), Stormy Monks ( Associate Director of Simulation Research), and Brian Wilson (Associate Director of Simulation Education).

The daily business operations are driven by Ida Baray (Business Assistant). 

Deida Sanchez (Standardized Patient Manager) oversees the recruitment and training of 50+ standardized patients — real people trained to act out clinical scenarios.

Christopher Bobino (Instructional Designer) produces photo, video, and graphic enhanced media to support simulation education as well as designing educational material for use by departments across the TTUHSC El Paso campus.

Our dedicated staff of Health Care Simulation Technology Specialists ensure that all equipment and scenarios are prepared and executed to achieve planned educational outcomes.

Alma Martinez (Program Coordinator)
Erick Ortiz (External Programs Manager)
Lawrence Rascon (Simulation Center Specialist)
Donovan Rojas (Technology Manager)
Victor Torres (Innovations Engineer)


Scott B. Crawford portrait picture
Scott B. Crawford, M.D., FACEP, CHSOS

Director of Simulation


Hector Aranda portrait picture
J. Hector Aranda

Associate Director of Technical Operations



Eddie Luevano portrait picture
Eddie Luevano

Associate Director of Administration


Dr. Stormy Monks
Stormy Monks, Ph.D, M.P.H.

Associate Director of Simulation Research


Ida Baray portrait picture
Ida Baray

Business Assistant


Chris Bobino portrait picture
Chris Bobino

Instructional Designer


Alma Martinez portrait picture
Alma Martinez

Program Coordinator


TTUHSCEP image placeholder
Erick Ortiz

External Programs Manager


Larry Rascon portrait picture
Larry Rascon

Simulation Center Specialist


Donovan Rojas Segoviano portrait picture
Donovan Rojas Segoviano   

Technology Manager


TTUHSCEP image placeholder
Deida Sanchez-Vasquez

Standardized Patient Manager


Victor Torres portrait picture
Victor Torres-Dominquez

Innovations Engineer


TTUHSCEP image placeholder
Brian Wilson

Associate Director of Simulation Education


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