2020 TT HealthWatch Archive

TT HealthWatch - Friday, July 31, 2020

This week's topics include antibody persistence after COVID-19, community prevalence of five diseases and severe COVID-19, cardiac abnormalities after COVID-19, and genetic variants and severe COVID-19.

0:46 County level prevalence of underlying medical conditions and COVID-19
1:48 Allow for allocation of resources
2:45 More in rural areas
3:49 Diabetes in 40%
4:06 COVID-19 and heart conditions
5:06 In the interstitium
6:04 Will this have long term effects?
7:04 Doesn't actively kill cells
7:22 Gene variants in young men with severe COVID-19
8:22 Impacted on interferon signaling
9:26 Two phases of infection
10:06 How long antibodies persist in mild COVID-19
11:08 Gauge half-life
12:06 Wear a mask
13:00 End

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TT HealthWatch - Friday, July 24, 2020

This week's topics include data on two COVID-19 vaccines, the impact of physical distancing, universal masking, and contact tracing and transmission in South Korea.

0:47 Two vaccines going to phase 3
1:43 At 28 days and 56 days
2:45 Mild to moderate side effects
3:50 Impact of physical distancing in reducing spread of COVID-19
4:50 Public transport in lockdown?
5:50 Mass gatherings
6:11 Universal masking impact
7:12 Tested those with symptoms
8:12 Provide masks for patients
8:25 Contact tracing in South Korea
9:30 Stratified according to decade of life
10:30 Very large study
12:12 End

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TT HealthWatch - Friday, July 17, 2020

This week's topics include persistent COVID-19 symptoms, testing for COVID in long-term care facilities, the mRNA vaccine for COVID, and perceptions of CPR.

0:37 First COVID vaccine
1:36 Same level of antibody as natural infection
2:37 Novel vaccine
3:12 Long-term symptoms of COVID
4:12 Some ventilated, some not
5:12 Neurologic and cardiac sequelae
6:16 Testing for COVID in long-term care facilities
7:18 900 received testing
8:20 Hot-spot testing
9:05 What people think about CPR
10:06 64% had done a CPR course
11:07 Talk about advance directives
12:10 Where to discuss?
13:37 End

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TT HealthWatch - Friday, July 10, 2020

This week's topics include excess deaths due to COVID-19 , the probability of infection after exposure to COVID-positive close contacts, falls in the elderly, and herd immunity development.

0:51 Prevalence of COVID infection in Spain
1:51 Seroprevalence across the country
2:52 As early as eight weeks, titer falls
3:20 Excess deaths due to COVID
4:20 Substantial variability in states
5:19 Other excess deaths not directly related
6:20 Reliable way of estimating
6:41 Probability of development of symptoms
7:40 Respiratory symptoms, cough or fever
8:46 Almost 3/4 under 60 had no symptoms
9:15 Fall prevention in the elderly
10:15 62% women
11:15 Very robust study no better than usual care
12:17 Awareness of falls helped?
13:15 End

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TT HealthWatch - Friday, July 03, 2020

This week's topics include antibody testing for COVID-19, Apgar score utility in preterm infants, triple inhaled therapy in COPD, and MIS-C following COVID-19 infection in kids.

0:42 Looking at antibody tests for COVID-19
1:45 How sensitive are they?
2:45 Point of care most unreliable
3:43 Haven't been adequately validated
4:20 Apgar scores in preterm infants
5:20 1.8% mortality
6:20 Score of 10 is perfect
7:15 MIS-C
8:15 Average eight years of age
9:15 Fever in two to four weeks
10:22 Triple inhaled therapy in COPD
11:23 Two combinations worked best
12:25 Some increase in pneumonia
13:24 End

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TT HealthWatch - Friday, June 26, 2020

This week's topics include colchicine for heart complications of COVID-19, black versus white patients with COVID-19 hospitalization, prevalence of metabolic syndrome in the US, and ACE inhibitors and ARBs and COVID-19.

0:45 Hospitalization and mortality among black and white patients with COVID-19
1:47 About 40% were hospitalized
2:44 More likely to be in service occupation
3:47 Chronic inflammation?
4:00 Colchicine for heart damage in COVID-19
5:00 Patients experience higher mortality with heart impact
6:02 Decrease inflammation?
7:02 Could be a stepping stone to a larger study
7:12 ACE inhibitors and ARBs in COVID-19
8:13 Increase ACE receptor?
9:10 Don't stop your medication
9:45 Prevalence of metabolic syndrome in US
10:42 Prevalence just shy of 35%
11:44 Several risk factors for severe COVID-19 infection
13:10 End

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TT HealthWatch - Friday, June 19, 2020

This week's topics include CDC recommendations on gatherings, testing a whole hospital for antibodies to Sars-CoV2, use of monoclonal antibodies in COVID-19, and who's at increased risk for severe COVID-19 disease?

0:41 Recommendations for gatherings in light of pandemic
1:47 Highest risk in large gatherings with people outside the community
2:40 Huge public health issue
3:32 Estimates of population at increased risk for severe COVID infection
4:32 Impact of multiple comorbidities?
5:25 Monoclonal antibody use
6:25 Target spike protein
7:25 Difficulty in collection
8:25 Takes several weeks to develop antibody
9:27 Antibody testing hospital-wide in Belgium
10:25 Infection via household contacts
11:25 Not many places in the city safer than the hospital
12:00 Dexamethasone treatment
13:38 End

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TT HealthWatch - Friday, June 12, 2020

This week's topics include the value of large scale interventions to reduce COVID-19, the impact on convalescent sera on COVID-19 infection, use of disinfectants and cleaners in households, and asymptomatic transmission of Sars-CoV2.

0:40 Convalescent sera in treating COVID-19
1:40 Only 100 patients enrolled
2:43 Monoclonal antibodies being made
3:01 Impact of large scaled anticontagion policies
4:01 These kinds of interventions keep number down
5:01 Keep below epidemic levels
6:01 Balance things economically
6:31 Asymptomatic COVID infection
7:31 May actually have mild symptoms
8:31 Don't have longitudinal studies
8:51 Household cleaners and disinfectants and Sars-CoV2
9:52 Application of bleach to food
10:51 Was in fact harmful
11:51 Hydroxychloroquine for post-exposure
12:46 End

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TT HealthWatch - Friday, June 05, 2020

This week's topics include the impact of distance, eye shields and masks in reducing Sars-CoV2 transmission, mortality among people with diabetes and COVID-19, handguns and suicide, and CRP and antibiotic course.

0:45 Impact of distancing, masks and eye shields in reducing COVID-19
1:46 N95 superior
2:46 Reduced risk with N95 by 85%
3:45 Prevent from passing on the infection
4:10 CORONADO study
5:12 Try to prevent infection in people with diabetes
5:27 Suicides and handgun purchasing
6:30 Over three times higher for males with guns
7:31 Not more depression
8:31 Characteristics of those who buy guns
9:20 CRP guided antibiotic treatment duration
10:25 600 patients in three groups
11:15 Don't use CRP
12:04 End

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TT HealthWatch - Friday, May 29, 2020

This week's topics include remdesivir results, hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine in COVID-19, transmission of Sars-CoV2 on a cruise ship, and cloth mask use.

0:31 Remdesivir study
1:32 Quite a few discontinuations
2:31 Preliminary results
3:30 Results modest at best
4:22 Hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine with or without antibiotics
5:22 Any antimalarial had increased risk of cardiac arrhythmia
6:23 Maybe not effective because it was given late
6:45 Cloth mask use
7:43 Layers of cloth add efficiency
8:45 How much does it filter coming out?
9:25 COVID-19 on a cruise ship
10:25 A week in one passenger developed a fever
11:25 May not develop symptoms
12:40 End

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TT HealthWatch - Friday, May 22, 2020

This week's topics include the benefits of stay at home orders, going to work when sick, mental health and coronaviruses, and proning patients with Covid-19.

0:36 Do you go to work when sick?
1:36 Most would work with minor symptoms
2:38 Don't want to burden their colleagues
3:33 Need a pool of workers to fill in
4:02 Proning patients to improve lung function
5:02 Work of breathing went down
5:50 Impact of coronavirus infection and mental health
6:54 Range of mental health symptoms
7:50 No long term impact
8:51 Physical and social isolation
9:12 Impact of stay at home orders
10:13 Same incidence for all counties beforehand
11:13 Have enough PPE
12:31 End

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TT HealthWatch - Friday, May 15, 2020

This week's topics include an app for identifying COVID patients, a screening tool to predict severe disease in hospitalized persons, accuracy of COVID information on YouTube, and results from azithromycin and hydroxychloroquine in COVID.

0:40 YouTube as a source of information on COVID-19
1:40 Compared to previous epidemics
2:40 Concerning information
3:42 Compared with FaceBook
4:20 Azithromycin/hydroxychloroquine treatment
5:20 Treated or not?
6:14 How to predict a risk for a poor outcome from COVID-19
7:15 Number of comorbidities
8:15 Go online and enter
9:10 An app for self-reported symptoms and COVID-19
10:10 Loss of smell and taste most predictive
11:10 Enter symptoms themselves
12:30 End

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TT HealthWatch - Friday, May 8, 2020

This week's topics include the impact of social distancing in Georgia, a “controlled avalanche” approach to herd immunity, the environmental and economic impact of the pandemic, and ACE2 inhibitors and SARS-CoV2 infection.

0:47 Controlled avalanche approach to herd immunity
1:47 Intentionally infect low-risk people
2:47 Either naturally or in a laboratory
3:47 Certain assumptions to infect
4:45 Does exposure increase risk?
5:33 Anti-hypertensive medicines and COVID-19
6:33 High-risk of mortality with hypertension
7:32 Coronary artery disease three-fold risk
8:04 Economic and environmental impact of pandemic
9:09 Industries impacted most
10:08 Protect existing forests
11:10 Many cities with cleaner air
11:48 Modeling of social distancing in Georgia
12:44 Less likely to exhaust hospital resources
13:40 End

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TT HealthWatch - Friday, May 1, 2020

This week’s topics include presymptomatic SARS-CoV2 infections in a skilled nursing facility, COVID-19 patients in New York City, COVID-19 epidemiology in China, and COVID-19 and altered sense of smell and taste.

0:45 COVID-19 epidemiology in China
1:19 91% mild or moderate disease severity
2:24 Contact tracing reduced transmission by two days
3:30 Efficacy of contact tracing
4:22 COVID-19 in the Northwell Health System
4:50 94% had comorbidities
5:20 12% received mechanical ventilation
6:25 SARS-CoV2 infections in skilled nursing facilities
6:48 64% of residents tested positive
7:30 26% mortality
8:07 40% of health care workers reported symptoms
9:15 Important to test residents and providers
9:50 Altered smell and taste
10:33 SNOT-22 test
10:50 Two-thirds had altered smell or taste
12:00 Restrictions in El Paso
12:51 End

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TT HealthWatch - Friday, April 17, 2020

This week's topics include the success of public health interventions in reducing COVID transmission, early results on remdesivir, air pollution and severe COVID disease, and attitudes and awareness of the novel coronavirus in people at risk for severe disease.

0:35 Remdesivir use in severe COVID-19 disease
1:35 10-day course of drug
2:32 Not a randomized trial
3:33 Right to try
4:01 Awareness of COVID-19 among at risk patients
5:01 One-third didn't know symptoms
6:01 Health literacy needed
6:15 Air pollution and severe COVID-19
7:15 Variables adjusted for
8:15 Allow self-monitoring in industry
9:15 Change after pandemic?
10:10 Impact of public health interventions
11:12 Baseline infection rate rose
12:12 Curves show rapid increase and slower decline
13:30 End

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TT HealthWatch - Friday, April 10, 2020

This week's topics include case series of COVID-19 ICU patients from Italy, mask performance, mental health burdens on healthcare workers from COVID-19, and treatment of knee osteoarthritis.

1:03 Psychological impact on healthcare workers
2:03 Seven percent stressed
3:03 Compared with anxiety and depression in previous SARS
4:03 Retrospective study of ICU patients in Italy
5:02 About 60% still in ICU
6:02 Do face masks prevent positive patients from spreading virus?
7:03 Some masks better than others
8:04 Do not dissuade from wearing masks
8:21 PT or injection for knee osteoarthritis
9:22 Additional PT available
10:25 PT better than steroid injection
11:35 Conditions at Texas Tech
12:35 Patients only interact with health care providers
13:45 End

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TT HealthWatch - Friday, April 3, 2020

This week's topics include a look at the Italian experience with COVID-19, a recalculation of age-specific mortality rates relative to the infection, and preparations at TTUHSC El Paso.

1:26 European Society of Anaesthesia
2:27 Designating hospitals for COVID patients
3:27 One of the most well-developed systems globally
4:15 Estimates of severity and mortality
5:14 1.4% case fatality rate
6:02 Preparations at TTUHSC El Paso
7:02 In ED who are going to be admitted
8:02 Masks continuously in hospital
9:02 Indicate to others the seriousness of the infection
10:02 Staff concerns?
11:02 Shortages?
12:02 More than one patient on a vent
13:02 Studies underway
13:40 End

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TT HealthWatch – Friday, March 27, 2020

This week's topics include perceptions of COVID-19 infection, characteristics of critically ill people from Washington State with COVID-19, steps and mortality, and diet among youth.

0:40 Knowledge and perceptions of COVID-19 infection
1:40 Less than 500 people would die
2:40 Dangerous from a public health standpoint
3:25 Steps per day and mortality
4:25 All cause mortality, CVD and cancer
5:25 Step intensity wasn't helpful after total steps
6:35 Characteristics of patients with COVID-19 from Washington
7:30 Cardiomyopathy seen
8:32 Prolonged ICU stay
9:30 Diet among American youth
10:34 Two to nineteen years of age
11:31 Poor diet decreased substantially
12:47 End

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TT HealthWatch – Friday, March 20, 2020

This week's topics include coronavirus on surfaces, treatment of familial hypercholesterolemia, surgery for chronic sciatica, and the benefits of Alcoholics Anonymous.

0:31 Coronavirus on surfaces
1:30 Cardboard less than 24 hours
2:33 No UV light or heat exposure
3:05 The benefits of Alcoholics Anonymous
4:02 High quality evidence for benefit
5:03 Cheaper than the other therapies
5:15 Surgery for persistent sciatica
6:15 Pain relief at the end of 6 and 12 months
7:15 Microdiscectomy
8:15 New agent for familial hypercholesterolemia
9:15 Inclisiran, injected
10:12 Breaks down LDL receptors
11:38 End

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TT HealthWatch – Friday, March 13, 2020

This week's topics include the COVID-19 update, measles outbreak in New York City, appropriate oxygenation in people with ARDS, and aspirin and liver cancer.

0:35 COVID-19, MedRX
1:35 Incubation period 4.8 days
2:36 80% of infections caused by 9% of cases
3:37 30% of surveillance group did not have fever
4:12 Measles in NYC in 2018-19
5:13 559 staff members involved, $8.4 million
6:14 Vaccine resistance
6:40 Appropriate level of oxygenation with ARDS
7:44 Total 205 patients, stopped prematurely
8:45 Rationale behind not giving too much
9:35 Aspirin and liver cancer
10:35 All adults with hepatitis C or B infection
11:33 Age of these participants?
12:20 Pro-inflammatory chemicals reduced
12:45 End

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TT HealthWatch – Friday, March 6, 2020

This week's topics include a COVID-19 update, a multi-drug regimen for drug-resistant TB, biopsy of the prostate, and hepatitis C screening.

0:48 COVID-19 update
1:48 1.4% died
2:50 Affects adults
3:46 No objective evidence of infection in some
4:50 Use of MRI in staging prostate cancer
5:53 Both MRI guided and systematic biopsy
6:52 Lots of news about prostate cancer
7:08 Multidrug resistant TB treatment
8:08 Totally oral for 26 weeks
9:07 Drug resistant TB has high mortality
10:13 Screening for HCV
11:12 All asymptomatic adults 18-79
12:14 Everyone must be tested
13:02 End

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TT HealthWatch – Friday, February 28, 2020

This week's topics include COVID-19 update, a video-like game for ADHD, alcohol-related deaths in the U.S., and stroke treatment with clot busting agents.

0:42 COVID-19 update
1:41 Did test positive for the corona virus
2:42 Communities need to prepare
3:00 Rate of alcohol related deaths
4:00 Certain groups had largest increase
5:00 Need a screening mechanism
6:02 Outcomes with use of higher dose clot busting drugs in stroke
7:04 Over 300 patients with stroke in a large vessel
8:04 Important to recognize signs and symptoms
8:15 A digital intervention for ADHD symptoms
9:16 Either the digital intervention or a control game
10:15 At home on your own time
11:30 End

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TT HealthWatch – Friday, February 21, 2020

This week's topics include natural killer cells and cancer, CMV vaccine in bone marrow transplant recipients, surprise medical bills, and mutations in bronchial epithelium in smokers and nonsmokers.

0:47 CAR-transduced natural killer cells
1:45 Majority responded without major toxicity
2:46 Manage with a kill switch
3:17 Bone marrow transplant and CMV infection
4:18 Reduced CMV by half
5:06 Mutations in bronchial epithelium in smokers
6:07 Driver mutations increased in smokers
7:07 Telomere length assessed
8:08 Smoking cessation benefits
8:25 Surprise medical bills
9:25 After common elective procedures
10:25 For in-hospital network
12:01 End

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TT HealthWatch – Friday, February 14, 2020

This week's topics include coronavirus update, naloxone laws and dispensing, neurologic disorders and suicide, and medications versus lifestyle changes for diabetes and high cholesterol.

0:41 Coronavirus update
1:41 Slightly elevated prothrombin time
2:41 Death of whistleblower
3:20 Rise in suicide
4:22 Central nervous system infections, others
5:20 Parkinson's about twice as likely
6:23 Can't impose constraints in US
6:49 Medications and lifestyle changes
7:50 Placed on meds and were they associated with lifestyle changes?
8:50 Hard to say medications were to blame
9:48 How does access to naloxone change when scripts aren't needed
10:50 Increased by over 2000%
11:40 May make naloxone over the counter
12:50 End

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TT HealthWatch – Friday, February 7, 2020

This week's topics include coronavirus update, treating burns in kids, CT for lung cancer screening, and primary care physician visits.

0:54 Coronavirus update
1:52 Quarantine for 14 days
2:52 Asymptomatic transmission
3:40 Immediate management of burns in kids
4:40 Almost 10% need skin graft
5:42 People put on salves, aloe vera
6:16 Volume-based CT and lung cancer
7:17 In smaller number of women
8:16 Certain size determines follow up
9:15 Spontaneous resolution of small nodules
9:34 Dropping use of primary care visits
10:35 Routine scheduled visits went down
11:35 More efficient health care?
12:10 End

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TT HealthWatch – Friday, January 31, 2020

This week’s topics include the Wuhan coronavirus, treating H.pylori and gastric cancer, human versus analogue insulin, and one marker of acute kidney injury.

0:54 The new coronavirus
1:52 Fluid from lung samples
2:50 15% died in first analysis
3:50 China making great attempts
4:04 Differences in cardiovascular outcomes in insulins
5:04 Four healthcare delivery systems
6:04 Do not change hard endpoints
7:04 The price gouging is dramatic
7:18 Treating helicobacter pylori infection and gastric cancer
8:18 Treatment with proton pump inhibitors and antibiotics
9:20 Acute kidney injury factor
10:20 Assessed risk at 7 days
11:22 Prove that in a mouse model
13:22 End

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TT HealthWatch – Friday, January 24, 2020

This week’s topics include blood levels of sunscreen ingredients, a new drug for heavy menstrual bleeding in women with fibroids, trying to stave off sepsis, and fish oil and sperm quality.

1:17 Vitamin C, thiamine, and hydrocortisone in sepsis
2:17 Mortality and other endpoints
3:16 Prompt use of antibiotics does help
3:36 Fish oil and sperm quality
4:36 In otherwise healthy men
5:38 Might improve sperm quality decline
6:00 Sunscreen ingredients in plasma and skin
7:00 All six of tested ingredients were in plasma surpassing FDA threshold
8:00 Doesn't indicate harm yet
8:40 Heavy menstrual bleeding and uterine fibroid treatment
9:40 Been used in endometriosis
10:40 Hot flashes associated
11:24 End

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TT HealthWatch – Friday, January 17, 2020

This week’s topics include preventing gout with a diabetes medication, physician time on EHR in outpatient visits, ageotypes, and FDA changes to the approval process and outcomes.

0:48 Personal aging markers and ageotypes
1:48 184 molecules associated with age
2:48 Clinical implications unclear
3:49 Individuals vary a lot
4:17 Physician time on the EHR
5:15 17% of time ordering
6:15 Falls on physician to enter
6:42 Two types of diabetes meds and gout risk
7:43 40% reduction with SGLT2 inhibitors
8:43 Gout affects almost 10 million people
9:06 Looked at 25 years of FDA approval process
10:06 All attempts haven’t improved overall process
11:06 Fewer studies and fewer patients
12:07 End

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TT HealthWatch – Friday, January 10, 2020

This week’s topics include arthritis and depression, AI and physician decisions in hospitalized patients, five ways for doctors to practice presence with patients, and health care hotspotting.

0:48 Healthcare hotspotting
1:45 95% of individuals did receive prescribed care
2:56 Five strategies to foster physician presence
3:58 Prepare with intention
4:56 Physicians would concur
5:58 Many barriers
6:19 Hospital based AI system
7:15 6500 patients
8:13 Guarded about such systems
9:10 Arthritis and depression
10:20 Lots in the southern states in U.S.
11:22 Results in poor compliance
12:22 End

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TT HealthWatch – Friday, January 3, 2020

This week’s topics include the impact of hospital mergers, gene therapy for hemophilia, infections and diabetes control, and alcohol consumption and atrial fibrillation.

0:44 Alcohol consumption and atrial fibrillation
1:44 70 patients in each of two arms
2:44 Almost 60% of Americans drink regularly
3:44 Lost nine or ten pounds
4:24 Gene therapy for hemophilia
5:24 Large gene that needed two procedures
6:26 Not only cost of therapy
6:44 Infections and diabetes control
7:44 Diabetes and poor control had 4X risk
8:45 Mortality as high as 20-25%
9:10 Hospital mergers and quality of care
10:09 Modest decline in patient experience
11:10 So many health systems using to remain profitable
12:13 End

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