Effective 8:00 am 3/26/2020, TTUHSC El Paso will require its healthcare providers (faculty, residents, students and staff) to wear surgical or cloth face masks continuously in any building that provides clinical care to help control the spread of the novel coronavirus. No TTUHSC El Paso provider should enter the hospital or clinic until (s)he is wearing a surgical or cloth face mask.

Mask Strategy:

  1. Please put your name and date on the inside of the face mask.
  2. Use mask continuously throughout the day. Do not use multiple masks.
  3. If mask is soiled or contaminated by body fluids, please dispose of it and obtain a new mask.
  4. Because of limited mask availability, the mask should be kept by the individual and used on subsequent days and until it is no longer considered functional (i.e., torn, ties break, poor fitting, etc.)
  5. Shortly, mask sterilization will be available.
  6. When you switch to N95 masks to provide care to a COVID patient, those too need to have the provider’s name and should be saved and reused with the sterilization process we are setting up.


Richard Lange, M.D., M.B.A.
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso