Written Protocols

To view written protocols users will be prompted to enter their eraider and password before continuing to the secured written protocols page.

Access to Clinic Buildings:

  • Patients may enter using the South entrance.
  • Staff, faculty, residents, and students can enter via the North (rear) or South (main) CSB entrance.
  • Patients will be screened at the South CSB entrance upon entering the building.
  • Signage will be posted to inform the public about our screening procedures.
  • Screening is done by EPPC staff at the building entrance. Positive screens are notified to the clinic front desk to decide if needed to be seen in the clinic.

Visitors restrictions:

  • Visitors accompanying patients will not be allowed unless absolutely needed and be limited to 1 per patient.

Designated areas:

All clinics should have a designated area in the waiting room or a designated room to hold and evaluate positive screen patients.

Screening tool/criteria:

Patients, upon entering Texas Tech Physicians of El Paso clinics, will be asked whether in the past 14 days they have had:

  • A positive test for COVID-19
  • Are waiting for results from a COVID-19 test
  • Exposure to someone with confirmed COVID-19
  • A cough/sore throat
  • Flu-like symptoms (chills, body aches, headache)
  • Loss of taste or smell

(Any positive response will be considered a positive screen)

Outreach to patients:

  • All our patients for who we have an e-mail address have received a communication informing them of the precautions we will be taking and what they can expect during their visit.
  • Clinics should post in their waiting rooms the CDC educational materials distributed and hand out to their patients as needed.