Pride Alliance


PRIDE Alliance is dedicated to providing a space for members of the LGBTQ+ community and allies where everyone can feel comfortable expressing themselves on the TTUHSC El Paso campus. Through our meetings and spaces across campus we encourage people to embrace themselves and hopefully make some friends along the way. 

PRIDE Alliance is also an organization dedicated to informing our peers about issues in healthcare that affect the LGBTQ+ community. We work to raise awareness about these issues through educational events, service opportunities, and social gatherings on campus and in the El Paso community. We feel that inclusivity and embracing the LGBTQ+ community is important to fostering a healthier community as future medical and research professionals. 


  • Mayra Morales
  • Tiffany Butler
  • Pilar Provencio
  • Jose Morales


  • Jessica Calderon-Mora, Dr.P.H.

Pride Alliance Officers

  • President - Derick Sanchez, PLFSOM, MSII
  • Vice President - Andres Arango, PLFSOM, MSII
  • Events Coordinator - Maria Vanessa Jimenez, Francis Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, YI
  • Events Coordinator - Sinthuja Devarajan, PLFSOM, MSII
  • GGHSON Representative- Erika Livas, Cohort 15
  • Francis Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Representative - Thomas Chavez, Francis Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, YII
  • PLFSOM Representative- Rachel Kitch, PLFSOM, MSII


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