Anti-Racism Statement


Racism is detrimental to health outcomes through systemic 
dehumanization of those affected. Inequities based on race ultimately lead 
to disparities in health, psychological wellbeing, quality of life, and access 
to healthcare.

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso (TTUHSC El Paso) 
recognizes the existence of systemic racism in our nation and its 
overwhelming impact. We are committed to eliminating conscious and 
unconscious racial inequity and racism to ensure we provide the highest 
quality healthcare to our patients and also promote a welcoming and 
inclusive environment to our campus community.

As an academic medical center, we value diversity, inclusion, and health 
equity. We strive to thoroughly evaluate and continuously improve. We 
strive to be a beacon of hope for racial justice in our greater Paso del Norte 

These are current and future efforts that we plan to enact to help bring 

  • Update the TTUHSC El Paso to include the Council on Diversity and 
    Inclusion that will promote a sustainable culture of racial inclusivity 
    and racial equity in the institution.
  • Support the programs and initiatives sponsored by the Office of 
    Diversity, Inclusion, and Global Health.
  • Conduct town halls to better understand the impact of racism and 
    discrimination among all constituents of our institution.
  • Impart the practice of racial equality practices and policies.
  • Incorporate course materials on health disparities for all trainees and 
  • Develop and implement safeguards to ensure that all hiring decisions 
    are free of bias.
  • Create an anonymous reporting mechanism by which patients, 
    students, residents, staff, and faculty can report acts of racism and/or 
  • Encourage research collaborations focused on addressing health 
    disparities along our border and beyond.