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How can I make my preloaded problems show in my office visit? – FAQ

The best way to ensure you will be able to use the information entered in a preload document is to make sure you create, complete and sign the preload document before the office visit is created.

If you happen to create a preload document after the office visit you can still bring the problems into your Office visit’s Assessment and Plan form by following the steps outlined below:
  • Complete your preload document as your normally would.
  • Open today’s office visit and close any forms that are open.
  • Click on the Probs button to bring up the problems module. Image01
  • Select the problem you want to bring into your note.Image02
  • Click Change.
  • Add or edit any information to any of the following fields: Comments, Onset Date, End Date, or Duration.Image03
  • Click OK
  • Click OK again to close the Problems module.
  • The problem you just edited will now be available in the Assessment and Plan form.
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Viewing document comments � Tip of the Week


Please note that when you add any comments while routing a document, as shown above, the comments are not visible from the Desktop’s Summary tab.

You can only view these comments from the documents tab of your desktop:


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EMR Announcements

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EMR Known Issues

There is currently 1 EMR Known Issues:
    • Patches applied at the end of May and beginning of June did not correct the current prescription/orders printing problem. A new solution has been issued by GE and is currently being tested with a couple of users in IM.
    • Please make sure you report any issues that impact EMR as we cannot solve issues we are unaware of.
As always we are working to resolve these issues in a timely fashion and will keep you updated on their status.

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