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Clinical Visit Summary (CVS):

“The Clinical Summary importance-- includes basic clinical information regarding the care provided, such as medications, upcoming appointments, or other instructions—affords better communication around pertinent health information. The Clinical Summary is share with both patients and family members to increase awareness of what occurred during office visits and can be used to assist in care coordination”.(CMS

The Clinical Visit Summary must be generated and printed using the “Generate CVS” button found on the MU Checklist at the end of your visit will help us meet the Clinical Summary meaningful use (MU) measure.


After clicking Generate CVS, a pop up window will show allowing you to customize and print the CVS. After any customizations, be sure to click “Save and Close” to save your changes before printing. If you do not want to make any customizations to your CVS, simply click “Print”

**Note: Any customizations done on the CVS are for that patient encounter only. Any changes will not cross over to any other patient or visit. All customizations must be done individually.




The button on your Meaningful Use checklist will now change to green and will say “REGENERATE CVS”. You can use this button to regenerate the CVS if needed.


**NOTE: If you close the pop up without printing the CVS, the button will still turn green and say “REGENERATE CVS”. This does not necessarily mean the CVS has been printed and counted for Meaningful use. When in doubt, check the office visit on the document tab to see if the generated CVS is appended to the note.

After the CVS has been generated, it will append the office visit it was generated from and can be viewed from the document tab in the patient’s chart.


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Meaningful Use Changes – Family and Social History:

Due to system issues caused by the current Family and Social History (FH-SH) forms, on Wednesday, July 22nd, these will be replaced by stock GE FH-SH forms. This will ensure the capture of proper information in the Family History form for Meaningful Use. The present forms are unable to capture family history.
In order to accommodate the GE form, additional modifications to the office visits have been made. The Vital Signs form will now contain some of the information that some providers had been capturing in the Social History Form; this information will be found in the Risk Factors section, as shown in the screenshot below (See below - Screenshot 1).

The CIS team will be available in the clinics on Monday and Tuesday mornings to assist staff and providers during this transition. A screenshot of the form is below, with arrows to briefly summarize the steps involved in documentation.

Two important items to note:
  • Smoking status will continue to be captured in the Vital Signs forms or MU checklist at the end of the visit.
  • Do not click the buttons on the bottom of the form (See below – Screenshot 2). These buttons will bring in extra forms into the visit which may cause the note to crash. If you happen to click the buttons by accident and bring in a form, please contact our department immediately.

We are continuing to work with GE to request improvements on the efficiency and ease of use of the GE FH form. We will provide updates as improvements become available.

Screenshot 1 - Risk Factors Changes in Vitals form:


Screenshot 2 - FH-SH-CCC form:


Impacted: - Clinic Staff, Providers

Level of Impact: High - New Process/New Form

Please contact the any member of the CIS (EMR) Team if you have any questions or concerns.

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EMR Announcements

There is currently 1 EMR Announcement(s):
    • We’ve been working diligently to correct the issue of labs not showing in flow sheets.

      Please report any issues regarding these particular labs not crossing over from the report to your flowsheet.

    • Please dial 215-4111 Option 3 to reach us.

    • To request to file an EMR document in error please send an e-mail to Please do not send alerts or flags for this type of request.

    • For any feedback or requests for this newsletter please e-mail us at

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EMR Known Issues

There are 2 EMR Known Issues:
    • Some Imagining results are showing as a lab results in EMR. We are currently working to resolve this problem.
    • Please report any lab values not showing in flowsheets after signing the lab report to the EMR, Labs proxy box in EMR.
    • To report any issues please e-mail us at or contact us at our new number 215-4111 option 3.
As always we are working to resolve these issues in a timely fashion and will keep you updated on their status.

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