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Request for Documents Removal Process

We require all users to append the document they wish to remove with the Request for Removal encounter type. Please follow the instructions below:
  • Select the document to be removed. Click append on the upper right hand corner

  • Click the button reading “Click here to do a Full Update”

  • Choose the encounter type named “Request for Removal” and click OK

  • Select the reason for removal and click close

  • End the update and Sign the document

    Send an email to with the information below.
    o Patient E#
    o Date and Time of documents to be removed
    o Summary of document
    o Provider of document
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Patient Education

Patient Education can be given to patients to provide more information on their diagnosed problems and prescribed medications. The Patient Education feature is located within a patient’s chart. Open the Problem or Medications tab, select the problem or medication you would like to find a handout for and click the button on the upper right hand corner labeled “Patient Education”.

A list of available handouts will display. Select the desired handout from the list.

Choose the language you want the handout printed in.

Click Print. Select the desired printer, Click Print.

Patient Education can also be provided during a chart update. Click on the Problems or Medication button(s).

Select the desired problems or medication. The Patient Education icon will become available.

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EMR Announcements

There is currently 1 EMR Announcement(s):
    • The CIS Team will be upgrading all Centricity Clinical Content (CCC) forms within EMR on November 4, 2016. This upgrade requires all unsigned documents to be signed. Documents unsigned at the time of the upgrade will reflect programming language and become unusable. We encourage all users to review desktops daily and sign pending documents in preparation for this upgrade.

    • Please dial 215-4111 Option 3 to reach us.

    • To request to file an EMR document in error please send an e-mail to and append the document in EMR using the update named Request for Removal.

    • Newsletter feedback and/r requests can be submitted to:

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EMR Known Issues

There is 1 EMR Known Issues:
    • A notification from GE Healthcare was received by the CIS Department concerning an error presented when the selection of problems from the full problem search with an ICD-10 code is not specific enough for billing purposes. The Advanced Problem Search option can be used in lieu of the full problem search.
    • To report any issues please e-mail us at or contact us at our new number 215-4111 option 3.
As always we are working to resolve these issues in a timely fashion and will keep you updated on their status.

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