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Sending Ultrasound Studies to Patients

Ultrasounds performed at our Texas Tech OBGYN clinic can now be send to patients to both their email and mobile phone. Patients will need to provide an email or phone number while they’re visiting the clinic for an ultrasound view. The sonographer can use the ultrasound machine or viewpoint to send the images and videos they want to transmit.

Viewpoint Workflow: Pre-Select the images that you want to share, then look for the “Tricefy” Add-on in the top menu.


A modal box where you can select the type of information that you want to share will show and a field to where we need to enter the patient number and/or the patient email. Finally click “Share Now” to send the studies out.


Patient now will receive an email or a text with the link to access their studies.


In case you missed it – New Print Pharmacy Contact

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New IPad Wireless Network

The networking team along with the CIS team has rolled out a solution to the wireless concerns brought up by users. There will no longer be a need to enter eRaider credentials when using the iPads. iPads will be automatically connected to PADS-AIR.

In case you missed it – Phreesia Patient Check-In

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EMR Announcements

There is currently 2 EMR Announcement(s):
    • In efforts to resolve the known issue of prescription information not appearing in the Note text when entered through the New Medication form, the RX Refill 2016 text component will now be automatically added to every encounter type. The Medical records committee has approved the text component which will ensure that the medication refill information appears in the note text regardless if the medication updates are entered outside of the Prescriptions form. Please be aware, if refills are added within the Prescription form [recommended workflow] refill information will show twice in the Note text; this is normal and expected behavior.

    • Referral Management System (RMS) was upgraded on October 22, 2018 in efforts to continuously improve our system and ensure the utmost efficiency of these processes. Users will notice minor changes that will benefit users across all departments.

    • Please dial 215-4111 Option 3 to reach us.

    • To request to file an EMR document in error please send an e-mail to Please remember the document must be signed and appended with the Request for Removal encounter type in order to be removed.

    • Newsletter feedback and/r requests can be submitted to:

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EMR Known Issues

There are 2 EMR Known Issues:
    • Some users are experiencing the Clinic Visit Summary and Patient Education printing out of margin. We are working with the vendor to get this issue resolved as soon as possible.

    • Printer mapping is lost when using a zero client. We are working with the systems team on a resolution. Please call the CIS department for assistance with mapping a printer.

    To report any issues please e-mail us at or contact us at 215-4111 option 3.
As always we are working to resolve these issues in a timely fashion and will keep you updated on their status.

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