The Procurement Process

New Vendor Set-Up Form

Once you have found a TTUHSC El Paso buyer (customer) for your product/service...

Substitute W-9 Form. This is how your company becomes an active vendor in the institutional financial system. The form can be found by visiting New Vendor Set Up Form.

Submit a Written Quote

Most departments will require a written quote be submitted by your business (either on company letterhead or in an email). Written quotes lessen the probability for misunderstanding and benefit all parties involved. Be sure to prepare a quote that considers both the needs of your business and your TTUHSC El Paso customer. If you are in doubt about anything, please ask. As an example, most good quotes include:

  • A description of the scope of work to be performed (or products to be sold) and other applicable specifications;
  • Pricing and delivery schedule / timeframe.

Reference GPO/COOP/TTUHSC El Paso contract number on quote (if applicable)

The department will issue a Purchase Order (PO) through the TTUHSC El Paso TechBuy System

The PO is TTUHSC's reply to your quote and serves as the "ok" to begin work. Be sure to get a copy of the PO from TTUHSC (prior to beginning any work) and review all terms, conditions, etc.

Do not begin work without a copy of the PO. This is TTUHSC El Paso's acknowledgement, contract, and commitment for the work.

Complete Order, submit invoice

Upon completion of work (or at agreed upon intervals) you must submit an invoice in order to be paid. Be sure to reference the PO number on all invoices. All invoices should be submitted directly to Accounts Payable. Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso is exempt from paying sales tax.

Accounts Payable - TTUHSC El Paso
TTUHSC El Paso Payables
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Fax: 915-215-8813