Agency/Vendor Search Tips

Use the wildcard % to help your search. The search finds vendor names in the format "FirstName LastName." Names may not be listed as you expect.

For example, Johnny Appleseed might be in the vendor table as "John Appleseed." You can use any of the following search strings to find that name: "J%Appleseed," "John Appleseed," (an exact match) "John%Apple%." Another example could be Chris Doe that might be in the vendor table as "Christopher Doe." You can search by "Christopher Doe," (exact match) "Chris%Doe," "C%Doe," etc.

A search for "%hospital%" would find any agency (or Vendor, if expense contract) with the word "hospital" anywhere in its name, including "Amarillo Hospitalist Services", "Arlington Memorial Hospital", and "Hospital Forms and Systems Corp".  In order to only see agencies whose name begins with "hospital," you would use the search string "hospital%."

Be sure and keep in mind that agency and vendor names are legal names, which may not be the same as the name you know them by.

Person names are in the format:  FirstName MiddleName LastName.

Capitalization is ignored for contract searches. You will get the same results regardless whether using upper case or lower case letters in your search criteria. 

It's also important to note that only the top 100 results are displayed.  If you do not find what you are looking for in the results, you should add additional words and/or wildcards to your search criteria to narrow the search. 

Please be diligent in your search for a vendor. Requests to Purchasing for vendors that are already set up waste both their time and yours.

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