Grading Policies

Grades: The GSBS uses a letter grade system from A to F. All grades are converted to points in computing grade point averages (GPA). Instructors may NOT choose to add a plus or a minus to the grade. Substituting another course for one completed with a low grade is not permitted. Work completed at another graduate school is not transferrable to the GSBS.

Grade Point Chart

Grade Point Grade Interpretations
A 4 Excellent; meets degree requirements
B 3 Good; meets degree requirements
C 2 Fails to meet requirements for core courses.
  • Core course must be retaken.
Passing standard; meets requirements for elective courses and non-core courses.
D 1 Below the passing standard; does not meet program requirements.
Course must be retaken
F 0 Well below the passing standard; does not meet degree requirements.
Course must be retaken.

Grading Scale

The following scale applies to all courses at the GSBS.

  1. 100-90 = A
  2. 89-80 = B
  3. 79-70 = C
  4. 69-60 = D
  5. 59 and below = F

Further information about the TTUHSC El Paso Grading Policies, please refer to HSCEP OP: 77.19, Grading Procedures and Academic Regulations

Students Covered By This Policy: These grading policies apply to students enrolled in the courses necessary to complete the requirements for the Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences and the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate at the GSBS. These policies do not cover the course work done for the other degree programs in which the student may be enrolled.