Network Operations

Switch with multiple ports


Our mission is to continually enhance the availability, efficiency, and security of our network infrastructure. Through ongoing evolution and innovation, we aim to meet the dynamic demands of modern technology while ensuring optimal user experiences.

Services we provide

  • Network connectivity through 1Gb data ports, and/or 802.11ax, 802.11ac, 802.11n/g wireless services.
  • Secure remote access to internal resources with multi-factor authentication.
  • Guest wireless services for our patients and visitors.
  • Network access control to detect and regulate unauthorized access.
  • IOT segmentation to support initiatives and energy efficient applications.
  • Redundant internet connections.
  • Private data circuits to all remote sites.
  • Construction projects’ cabling layout and design. 

Our team evaluates, designs, administers and  proactively monitors the institution’s network Infrastructure routinely.