TTUHSC El Paso Alumni & Friends

 TTUHSCEP Alumni and Friends

On the cover: Thanks to Creative Kids Inc., a local nonprofit, the cover art on the Summer 2020 edition of TTUHSC El Paso Alumni & Friends is an homage to health care and the diverse, cultural environment that surrounds us. "Strength and Fortitude" by Jenny, a 16-year old participant in Creative Kids' Project ABLE, is a mixed media piece combining her love of family, culture, and aspirations of becoming a nurse. The hands represent strength and fortitude, and the heart represents Jenny's dedication to serve her purpose of saving lives in the future.

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Everyday Heroes

A group of Hunt School of Nursing students outside University Medical Center of El Paso.

At the forefront of the COVID-19 pandemic, health care professionals put their lives on the line while a community of supporters stand behind them.

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