Instructions for completing the Risk Assessment for Animal Contact

Completion of the Risk Assessment Health Questionnaire for Animal Contact is required for all individuals working with animals at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center at El Paso. This work-related information will be evaluated by the TTUHSC El Paso Occupational Health Nurse, who will determine the necessary recommendations.

General Health Information: You and Your Work Environment

  1. TTUHSC El Paso Risk Assessment Health Questionnaire for Animal Contact covers faculty, staff, students and volunteers who have direct exposure to vertebrate animals and, in some cases, animal tissue, body fluids or waste. The program requirements are based on the type and frequency of exposure to animals.
  2. The Occupational Health & Safety Program for personnel with laboratory animal contact administers health risks and medical requirements.
  3. The following items are recommended:
    1. Respirator fit testing—all individuals in contact with pregnant goats and sheep (Provided by Safety Services).
    2. Rabies immunization/titer within 2 years—all individuals in contact with wildlife / field studies with known carrier species.
    3. Tetanus immunization within 10 years—all individuals having recurrent animal contact.
    4. TB screening bi-annually (every 6 months)—in contact with non-human primates.
  4. If you are immune-compromised due to treatment of certain diseases, (e.g. cancer, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, or as a result of chronic viral illness), special consideration may need to be made for your safety. You are encouraged to confidentially discuss your condition with the Occupational Health Nurse and/or your personal care physician.
  5. Female Personnel: If you are pregnant or become pregnant while at TTUHSC El Paso, certain precautions may need to be taken during your pregnancy if you work with animals, biohazardous materials, radiation, or chemical agents. Contact the Occupational Health Nurse for further information.
  6. Medical information entered on this Risk Assessment Health Questionnaire for Animal Contact is confidential and kept only at the TTUHSC El Paso Office of Occupational Health.

Routing of the Risk Assessment Health Questionnaire:

The form should be reviewed and completed at the time a department fills a vacant position, or submits a research proposal, with personnel that will have contact with animals.

  1. Complete and sign the Risk Assessment Health Questionnaire for Animal Contact.
  2. Contact the OHS nurse to make an appointment to review the completed Questionnaire. Gabriel Fernandez, RN ( or 915-215-4510; 4801 Alberta #A02H. 
  3. OHS clearance will be required every 3 years and/or when there is a change in risk to the personnel working on the protocol.


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