IRB #1 - Member Roster

Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects

FWA # 00020736 EL PASO IRB #00009945


September 1, 2022 through August 31, 2024
Effective 01/04/2023

Member Name (Last, First MI) Gender M / F Highest Degree Primary Scientific or Nonscientific Specialty Affiliated with TTUHSC El Paso Comments
IRB Chair:
1) Monks, Stormy
F PhD/MPH Emergency Medicine Y  

IRB Vice-Chair
2) Diaz, Jesus Rafael

M MD Radiology Y  
3) Dihowm, Fatma F MD General Medicine Y  
4) Dwivedi, Alok M PhD Biostatistician Y  
5) Elhanafi, Sherif M MD Gastroenterology Y  
6) Joyner, Dani F B.S. Unaffiliated/Non-Scientist/Hospital Representative N University Medical Center of El Paso
7) Miller, John M PharmD, MHA, BCPS Unaffiliated/
N University Medical Center of El Paso
8) Molokwu, Jennifer F MD, MPH Family Medicine Y  
9) Tomaka, Joe M PhD/MPH Unaffiliated/
Behavioral Scientist
10) Torres, M. Lorraine F MT(ASCP) Unaffiliated N University of Texas at El Paso
Alternate Members
1) Shehan, Robert E. M BS Non-Scientist/Research IT Y  Alternate for Dani Joyner
Non-Voting Members
1) Eze, Obumneme M   Privacy Officer Y  
Privacy Board only
1) Arvizo, Myrna L. F B.M.S. Sr. Director Y Privacy Board member only
IRB Staff
Rosales, Raquelle Research Compliance Specialist II 
Hermosillo, Dai IRB Lead Analyst

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