Per Diem Rates

Fiscal Year 2021

For the purposes of estimating annual costs for research and grant proposals, expect a 3 percent minimum annual increase.

  Per Diem Rates
Non-sterile $0.60
Sterile $1.05
Quarantine/BSL2 $0.90
Quarantine/BLS3 $0.93
Non-sterile $1.29

Included in Per Diems

  • Routine and standard husbandry
  • Routine cage changes
  • Routine animal health care
  • Animal self-injury care
  • Daily animal health checks
  • Routine sentinel program
  • Disease outbreak management
  • Animal carcass or tissue disposal
  • Sharps containment and disposal
  • Environmental enrichment
  • Colony health management
  • Training and protocol development
  • Animal procurement services
  • Routine facility inspections, maintenance and repairs
  • Routine billing
  • General necropsy
  • Emergency care


The following services are not included in per diems and are charged back to the PI directly.

  • Import and export fees
  • Non-standard diets and shipping fees
  • Isoflurane
  • Quarantine assays
  • Quarantine management from unapproved vendors
  • Shipping and crate fees
  • Special PPE requests
  • Special technical services, including drugs, supplies or materials requested by PIs
  • Unapproved transfers, imports/exports and shipping costs
  • Oxygen tank mishandling fee (i.e, leaving the oxygen on overnight): $32 per incident
  • Water bottle service rate: $2 per bottle
  • Isoflurane restocking fee: $100 per incident 
  • Dedicated room rental fee: $250 per month 
  • Special equipment/room installation, storage or removal costs
  • Special housing or room segregation requests
  • Dedicated housing or procedure room requests
  • Procedure room charges