Training and Instructional Opportunities


The LARC is pleased to offer instruction to investigators and research staff that promote safe, humane handling of animals as well as teach various techniques that are often required in experimental studies.  This page features links to various types of training offered by the Laboratory Animal Resources Center.

Below are brief descriptions of some the types of instruction we provide:

Biomethodology Instruction

LARC biomethodology instruction is offered for mice, and rats.

Biomethodology topics include the following:

  • Methods of handling and restraint
  • Methods of aseptic substance administration {intramuscular, intraperitoneal, subcutaneous, intravenous, and oral (gavage)}
  • Methods of blood collection
  • Methods and principles of sedation, anesthesia, and analgesia
  • Methods of euthanasia

Surgery Instruction

LARC surgery instruction is offered for rodents and swine. 

Rodent surgery topics include the following:

  • Principles of aseptic rodent surgery
  • Proper instrument selection and handling
  • Appropriate use and selection of suture materials
  • Proper tissue handling and dissection
  • Proper body wall and skin closure techniques after entering a body cavity
  • Federal and IACUC rodent survival surgery requirements
  • Perioperative care of rodents

The LARC requires all new users to attend a short training session before being granted access to the LARC. This training includes a tour of the facility and acquaints you with the services we have to offer.


The LARC has shared, university-owned equipment available for your use. We can assist with training on many of these items.

  • Ultrasound
  • IVIS (Xenogen)
  • X-ray (GE)
  • Irradiator
  • Catwalk/gait analysis
  • Lateral fluid percussion
  • Anesthesia machines
  • Various behavioral equipment
  • Metabolic caging
  • Chemical hood (fixed)
  • Light boxes