In the Event of an Employee Incident/Injury

In the Event of an Employee Incident/Injury

For injuries involving Patients/Visitors/Students or other non-employee HSC customers see HSCEP OP 75.14

  1. Seek medical attention if necessary.
  2. Call TT Police at 915-215-7111 verbally report the incident and location.
  3. Notify Safety Services 915-215-4820 of the incident and location.

Supervisor Must Complete and Submit

Employee Must Complete and Submit

Witness (if applicable) Must Complete and Submit

Once these forms have been completed, please forward them to the Human Resources Department at They will review the report and submit it to TTU System Office of Risk Management.

How To Get Health Care Under Workers' Compensation Insurance

If you are hurt on the job...

Please call the TTUHSC El Paso Human Resources Department; they manage the Worker’s Compensation Insurance and will provide guidance. Call Laura Rodriguez at 915-215-4137 or email at

  1. You must choose a treating doctor from the list of doctors in the network.
  2. You may ask you primary care physician to agree to serve as a treating doctor.
  3. You must go to your treating doctor for all health care for your injury. If you need a specialist, your treating doctor will refer you. If you need emergency care, you may go anywhere.
  4. The insurance carrier will pay the treating doctor and other network providers.
  5. You might have to pay the bill if you get health care from someone other than a network doctor without network approval.

ZOLL AED Instructions

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