In the Event of an Employee Incident/Injury

In the Event of an Employee Incident/Injury

  1. Seek medical attention, if necessary
  2. If needing EMS, call TT Police at 915-215-7111 to verbally report the incident and location. TT Police will notify Safety Services. 
  3. If not needing EMS, call Safety Services 915-215-4820 to report the incident and location.

Supervisor must complete the initial report of injury on the System Risk Management portal:

This quick reference guide was provided by System Risk Management:  Reporting An Employee Incident Quick Start Guide.pdf

If there is no need for medical care and no treatment was provided so that no bill will be generated to the State, then this initial portal entry will be all of the documentation that is needed

If the employee needs medical care under Worker’s Compensation Insurance:

  1. For emergency medical care, call 911 if needed and go to the Emergency Room for treatment.
  2. For non-emergency care, including any follow up care after an emergency room visit, you must choose a treating doctor from the list of network providers.
  3. Use the Provider Search option on to obtain a list of local providers for your initial and/or follow up care.  Supervisors should run the “Provider Type” search for “Initial Care” and provide the injured employee a directory of providers for their choosing. 
  4. If you need a specialist, this initial care provider will refer you.
  5. You might have to pay the bill if you get healthcare from someone other than a network doctor without network approval.

If any treatment is provided which will generate a bill to the State, then the employee’s supervisor must ensure that the following SORM forms are completed and attached to the System Risk Management portal entry.  

Supervisor must complete:

Employee must complete:

Witnesses, if applicable:


For assistance with completing and uploading these documents, please contact Safety Services.  

For incidents related to SHARPS or EXPOSURES to blood or other potentially infectious materials for STUDENTS AND EMPLOYEES:

  1. Clean the wound with soap and water or flush mucous membranes with water/saline
  2. Cover the wound with a dry dressing, if needed
  3. Collect source patient information, if available
  4. Notify the Occupational Health Nurse for guidance at 915-215-4392, or visit their office in the basement of the CSB.
  5. If they are not available, or for after hours incidents, report to UMC’s Emergency Department and identify yourself as a TTUHSCEP employee or student with a blood/OPIM exposure.
  6. For employees: Complete all of the above listed documentation, including the initial portal entry and all SORM required forms.
  7. For students: Complete an Occurrence Report-

For injuries involving Patients/Visitors/Students or other non-employee customers see HSCEP OP 75.14

If you need assistance with any of these procedures, please feel free to contact your USO, the Safety Services team, or the Occupational Health Nurse directly.