Plans, executes, and supervises an occupational safety surveillance program for the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso. Identifies, provides notification, and recommends corrective actions for elimination or minimizing of unsafe or atypical (discrepancies from accepted standards) conditions and operations presenting risk or probability of injury to persons, damage to equipment or facilities, and non-compliance with established federal and state standards and guidelines pertaining to occupational health and safety. This process includes investigations, inspections and surveys, consulting and responding as appropriately needed in regard to observations, inquiries, and reported hazards of unsafe conditions or acts.


The Occupational Safety Division is directly responsible for public access, support service areas and clinic safety programs. Supervises office safety program (including ergonomic workstation evaluations), sidewalks, parking lots and grounds safety programs. Prepares and coordinates investigation analysis and recommendations to appropriate administrative personnel for implementation of corrective actions and follow-ups for effectiveness.

Programs also include, Health & Safety Reviews, Respiratory Protection, Incident/Injury Response and Investigation,Ergonomics, Recall Notification, Regulatory Review, Hazard Communication (jointly with Lab Safety Section) and Confined Spaces.




The Occupational Safety Division supports the Safety Service's Department Training by providing consultation to the other divisions in relation to general and occupational safety issues, providing access to digital photographs for hazardous conditions discovered in inspections/surveys or investigations. Forwarding information deemed appropriate for inclusion or addition to training programs obtained from our activities or discovered in researching various safety issues or regulatory review on the Internet.