The state of the art ATACS Center is available to Texas Tech and non-Texas Tech customers for a service-fee. We offer a wide variety of educational training and programs to improve your or your staff's clinical skills through the use of our standardized patients, and low and high fidelity simulators.

Requirements for scheduling an event

  • Event organizers are responsible for bringing consumables for their event (gauze, syringes, etc). Per client request, we may order the materials and charge the client for consumables.
  • All events must be supervised by a faculty member from the scheduling department.
  • All events must have ATACS staff support for technical oversight from the center.
  • If any simulator part gets damaged during an event due to improper use, the replacement parts are paid for by the client.
  • Some training procedures involve required replacement of parts for normal wear and tear (such as but not limited to: practicing C-section, central line placement, spinal tap, etc.); for such procedures the replacement parts will be paid by the client.
  • Events must be scheduled (upon availability) at least 30 days in advance.
  • Payment is due the day of the event.





Questions and Event Scheduling