Staff Professional Development


The ability to conduct effective clinical simulation research requires several skills including familiarity with the principles of epidemiology and the fundamentals of statistical analysis. The following 11 presentations/sessions form a self-paced module aimed at developing the research skills of ATACS Center staff with an emphasis on epidemiology and biostatistics. Each session is supported by material found in the following textbook: Epidemiology: An Introduction, 2nd edition, by Kenneth J. Rothman, Oxford University Press, 2012.

Syllabus - Research Curriculum
Session 1 - Scientific inference
Session 2 - Measures of disease frequency
Session 3 - Measures of effect
Session 4 - Cross-sectional studies
Session 5 - Case-control studies
Session 6 - Cohort studies
Session 7 - Clinical trials
Session 8 - Bias
Session 9 - P-values
Session 10 - Stratified analysis
Session 11 - Linear and logistic regression