About the ATACS Center

The Center for Advanced Teaching and Assessment in Clinical Simulation (ATACS Center) was designated by the TTU System Board of Regents in September 2009. Hoi Ho, M.D., served as director of the ATACS Center from 2008 to 2015. Currently, Sanja Kupesic, M.D., Ph.D., directs the ATACS Center. Assisting Dr. Kupesic are the director of the research division and three assistant directors, who each supervise five full-time staff members. The educational assistant director supervises the Medical Skills course coordinator and trains 50 standardized patients — real people trained to act out clinical scenarios. The technical assistant director supervises three specialists, and is responsible for the operation and technical support of the center. The administrative assistant director supervises a senior business assistant, and is responsible for budgeting, contracting, purchasing, and communications and marketing.


Doctor Hoi Ho portrait picture
Hoi Ho, M.D.

Director, TTUHSC El Paso Collaborative Educational Program

Clinical Professor of Medicine

Consultant for ATACS




Hector Aranda
J. Hector Aranda, B.S., CHSOS

Faculty Associate
Director of Operations


Donovan Rojas
Donovan Rojas, B.S.

Chief Analyst