Division of EMS


Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso’s Department of Emergency Medicine offers residents a unique and comprehensive experience in emergency medical services (EMS).

The Division of EMS is led by:

  • Russell Baker, D.O. – Assistant Professor, Director of Emergency Medical Services
    • Tactical Medicine Fellowship Program Director.
    • Board certified in emergency medicine and EMS, and a fellow of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine.
    • Served on tactical EMS team at University of New Mexico.
    • Current medical director for the El Paso Fire Department, El Paso PD and U.S Border Patrol (El Paso and Big Bend sectors).
    • Medical Director Blue Origin, Fire Med Education Services.
    • Medical Director EMTask Force-9 Texas.

The Division of EMS provides exposure to multiple types of prehospital medicine. Residents not only get EMS exposure through the residency but are also exposed to tactical EMS education through our fellowship in tactical medicine. There is also the option to experience law enforcement medicine working with the United States Border Patrol or local law enforcement agencies. Residents can be involved in urban, suburban, rural, and wilderness EMS. The EMS division also provides on-scene medical control for Launch Site One, the suborbital Blue Origin space facility.

Our residents provide daily online radio medical command to the El Paso Fire Department (EPFD) and over-the-phone medical command to the United States Border Patrol’s El Paso and Big Bend sectors. Residents ride out with EPFD in their intern year, receiving first-hand experience with prehospital care.

The Division of EMS further enriches the resident’s exposure by offering research and education opportunities. Previous publications have explored prehospital amputations, U.S.-Mexico cross-border EMS medicine, and EMS exposure to firearms. They have the chance to become Advanced Wilderness Life Support instructors, PALS instructors, and ACLS instructors.


Residents with a passion for EMS or considering an EMS fellowship have the option to take an EMS elective rotation during the third year. This month provides in-depth exposure to EMS and is curtailed to the resident’s interest. Residents spend a day at the regional command center, gaining an understanding of 911 dispatch centers. Participation in all aspects of EMS is available; field response, EMT education and training, performance improvement, protocol development, and outreach activities

EMS track:

The goal of the EMS track will be to obtain emergency medical services expertise to ensure acceptance into an ACGME-accredited EMS fellowship or to operate as an EMS medical director. During their residency, learners who choose to focus on EMS will become familiar with clinical prehospital medicine and systems oversight. They will become proficient with EMS protocol development and implementation, as well as EMS research and education skills. They will participate in quality assurance and improvement projects. Those on the track will perform the role of an assistant EMS medical director, providing direct field supervision for a local EMS agency.