Tactical Medicine Fellowship

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TTUHSC El Paso Tactical Medicine Fellowship Vision Statement

A one-year, self-directed program with strong mentorship and support, designed to prepare Tactical Medicine physician leaders in all levels of tactical medical oversight, quality management, policy, research, education, and clinical field work.

Program Overview:

TTUHSC El Paso is also home to the newly formed tactical medicine fellowship, the first of its kind in Texas. The fellowship, designed for emergency medicine residency graduates, will prepare physicians for the growing field of community-oriented tactical medicine.

Areas of focus include on-scene support for high-risk law enforcement operations, improving medical training for law enforcement officers, increasing tactical training for EMTs and other medical personnel, providing leadership for community planning and response to violence, and contributing high quality research to the field.

Goals and Purpose:

The fellowship program seeks to prepare physicians to serve as a bridge between traditional public safety organizations, to include but not limited to, Fire/EMS, various police organizations, various hospital systems, municipal government organizations and the surrounding communities.

Fellowship program length:

  • 12-month, non-ACGME accredited fellowship for board eligible/board certified emergency medicine physicians.